iShop Delivery - Shopping Concierge and Delivery Service

Why shop using iShop Delivery?

mapSome of the best online retailers and shopping can be found in the UK, USA and South Africa.

However, most of these retailers will not ship orders overseas.

When they do, it can prove to be very expensive, takes too long, or they leave it to you to arrange your own customs clearances when your goods arrive in your Country, which can be tedious and costly.

iShop helps reduce the cost of shipping and takes care of Customs clearances and the hassle that goes with it, leaving you to enjoy Shopping Online!...

globe iconGive access to specific items, or parts that are not easily available shopping

sat iconKeep you up to date with the status of your parcel from receipt at our origin warehouse/s to delivery or handout to you.

Ensure your items arrive in good condition, we check your goods and pack them into stronger and safer outer packaging, before despatch.

We will notify you of any current damages allowing you the opportunity to return damaged or incorrect goods.

clipboard iconProduce export and import paperwork, eliminating delays due to incorrect documentation.

Clear shipments through local customs, saving you time and money.

award iconOffer a personal 'Assisted Purchasing Service'.  We can help you locate products, call suppliers
and even make the purchase on your behalf, ensuring you get exactly what you want.