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How to Shop with iShop Worldwide

We all know that some of the best online shopping can be found in the UK, USA and South Africa. However, some retailers do not ship internationally. When they do, it can prove to be very expensive, take too long, or they leave it up to you to arrange your own customs clearances when your goods arrive in your country – which can be tedious and costly.
iShop can help make your online shopping experience a breeze – reducing the costs of shipping and taking care of customs clearances and the hassles that go with it, leaving you to enjoy shopping online! Here’s how:

A look at the iShop Process

  • how to register at ishop worldwide

    1. Register at iShop

    Click on the button above to Register and complete your details, and remember, you can have a different billing address to the shipping address if needed.

  • receive registration email from ishop worldwide

    2. Receive Client ID via email

    After registration, you receive an email with your Client Id. This helps us identify who the parcel is for and where to send it. You will also receive details of how to address your purchases for any UK, USA, South African or international retailer.

  • how to shop online at ishop worldwide - process

    3. Shop at your Favourite retailers

    Now you have your own account details, the fun begins! Start shopping online at your favourite worldwide retailers! Just make sure to follow our address instructions, ensuring that the retailer sends your purchases to your iShop address with client ID.

  • parcel shipped by ishop as air freight

    4. Parcel Received & Registered

    Once we receive your parcel from the retailer, we register it to your account. You will receive an initial email advising this and will then be able to log into your account to check the progress online. Your parcel will be sent by airfreight and cleared through local customs on your behalf.

  • Ishop worldwide parcels ready for collection at warehouse

    5. Unpacked at Local Warehouse

    Once your parcel has been cleared and unpacked at our local warehouse, you will receive another email confirming that your goods are ready to collect!

  • ishop worldwide parcel delivered at doorstep

    6. Delivered or Collected

    Once your parcel is ready for collection, please visit the Agent or office to collect. Alternatively, if you would prefer to have them delivered, you can pay for this online – either way your purchases will be with you and ready to enjoy!

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